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Family Units

Each application must represent one family unit. Extended family members such as grandparents, grandchildren and married children must have a complete, separate application for their own immediate family because they may have different bishops, guardianship, health insurance, etc.

Multiple Areas of Service

Sometimes when a family is applying for family cast, one or more family members also applies for a different volunteer service area in the pageant (ie workcrew, costuming, etc.) In such cases, the family member would fill out a complete, seperate pageant application and indicate they also applied for family cast. They may stay included on the family cast application until they are notified of their approval to serve in the volunteer service position. When approved as a volunteer, they would need to withdraw from the family cast if their volunteer service conflicts with their family cast service.

Picture Upload

During the application process, you will be asked to upload a picture of all applying to serve. This needs to be one picture of everyone. It should be a square picture (same height and width) and MUST be SMALLER than 1MB (1024K) and can be JPG or PNG or similar.

Ecclesiastical Leaders Info

You will also be asked for your Stake President's and Bishop's (Branch President's) Name, Phone & Email. You can find this on or LDS Tools App.

"Submit Application" Button Issue

After you finish your application, you will have a "Submit Application" button to finish.  This may take up to 30 seconds or longer!  Do not close the browser page until you see a message telling you your application has been submitted. It may require you to push the "Submit Application" button more than once!  If you leave the page before you see the "Submit Application" button disappear and see the "Submitted" message, your application may not save correctly!

Gold Family Cast

The Gold Cast members serve for one week during the last week of the pageant. They run the Pageant's Country Fair before each perforance. Gold Family Cast is not considered a "stage cast," but cast members serve in the Fair and then on stage in the Pageant Finale each night on stage.

Confirmation Email

You should receive an email confirming your application. If you don't, please email for confirmation.  Feel free to also tell us about your application experience so we can make any changes necessary.
You can expect to be notified of your application status sometime around the end of the year. Other than an email confirming your application submission, no status will be given until you are notified by the pageant committee in late December.
May the Lord Bless you as you live the gospel and bless the lives of others. Thank you for your desire to serve.

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